Your complete guide to common plumbing problems

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While pluming systems are meant for providing comfort to homeowners; its breakdowns can take any homeowner out of their comfort zone. It's recommended that you must call a plumber the moment you face a plumbing problem so that least possible damage occurs.

The worst thing about plumbing breakdowns is that they can occur at anytime; be it day or night. There are numerous kinds of plumbing problems that a homeowner can face; few of the common ones are noted below:

A noisy toilet is a fairly common plumbing issue. You will get to hear rasping sounds once you flush. You might need a repair or even replace the fill valve to get rid of this problem. Toilet clogs is yet another problem that many homeowners face. This happens due to build up of debris. Thorough cleaning of the pipe is all what you need to handle this breakdown. It's vital that you get this issue fixed immediately otherwise you might end up experiencing a flood in your bathroom. Leaking shower can leave any homeowner distressed. If you are facing this problem then one or even more parts could be defective. You will have to get the parts repaired or replaced to fix this breakdown. A showerheads clog is also a common plumbing problem. Flow of water is very limited due to the buildup of mineral deposits. You would need to hire a pro to get the deposits dissolved or removed. If you have a foul odor coming from the drain, then there might be an issue with the trap. It may be a case of dried out trap or trap leakage. It's vital that you call in a plumber who can deal with this problem. If your sink's tap has a limited flow of water then either there is some problem in installation or you may have corroded pipes. Clogged sink is another very common plumbing breakdown. There may be two reasons behind this; either your drain is full of waster materials or it is rusted. Noisy pipes plague many houses. This kind of noise is referred as water hammer. Abrupt valve closure and pump failure can lead to this plumbing problem. Dirty water is another plumbing issue faced by a lot of homeowners. If you are dealing with any type of colored water then pipes might be filled with injurious minerals or rust. Pipe bursts can upset any homeowner. The best way to prevent this problem is by getting your pipes insulated by a proficient plumber.

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Your complete guide to common plumbing problems

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This article was published on 2010/10/14