The Most Common Residential Plumbing Problems You Might Encounter

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Pretty much every home has a drainage and plumbing system. Like any other system, they are also susceptible to clogs and breakdowns. When any of these issues arise, some people may try to resolve the problem on their own. Although there are some residential plumbing issues that can be handled by almost anyone, there are others that only a trained professional plumber can deal with.

This means that having a reliable plumber is something that should be taken seriously. A good plumber should be able to handle many if not all residential plumbing problems. In most cases, bathroom plumbing constitutes the highest plumbing concerns, and this is because of the many installations compared to any other room in the house.

Other areas that may require plumbing are the showers and bathtubs. This is because of clogging from foreign objects like hair or dirt which have accumulated over time. They have to be removed for the system to work well. A good residential plumber should be able to identify these clogs and remove them.

Another area of concern is the toilet; leaks and clogs are the most common residential plumbing problems. The two remedies to these clogs and leaks is the use of the plunger and cement seals.  Although they may deal with the two issues, it is always a good idea to call in a professional to remove the leaks or clogs once and for all.

Another common problem is bad odor, which is normally a result of broken or dried-up  pipes. The issue can affect almost any room where there is plumbing, be it kitchen, bathroom or toilet system. Another common problem is slow drainage whereby foreign objects partially block the piping system, especially in the bathroom. Human hair is probably the biggest contributor to this problem. Others include body fats and soap scum.

Another area of concern that many homeowners tend to find themselves fixing is the kitchen with the sink being the center of attention. Like both bathroom and toilet, clogging is also a major issue, and it is because of blocked pipes under the sink which hinder proper drainage. Another common problem is imbalanced water pressure where when one tap is open, the other stops.  This could be a result of a poor installation, and it would be wise to call a plumber to check it out.

Kitchens are also susceptible to leaks.  Although the homeowner can opt to plug these leaks on his own, it is always prudent to call in an expert who will fix the problem completely. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on these two rooms, the kitchen and bathroom, for any unusual problems.
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The Most Common Residential Plumbing Problems You Might Encounter

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This article was published on 2011/09/15